"To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there." Barbara Bush

"To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there."  Barbara Bush

Our Kids ... Where Has the Time Gone?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Feeding the Reindeer

What would the reindeer do every year if the Fox kids did not leave food for them to eat on their long journey Christmas Eve? Ever since our kids were little, they would climb up the ladder and go on the roof, to leave food for them. And every year ... you could always count on one of the kids having a hard time while doing it. There was the infamous year where Tavin had his melt-down ... or the fear of heights Kassie suffers each year ... but whatever the issues may be ... they persevere for the good of happy reindeers! This year it was Brittin who was wondering if it was worth the stress but she also concurred her fears and did the task at hand. I always wonder what our neighbors must think as kids are sitting up on our roof every Christmas Eve ... often among tears and shrieks of "I think I see a red nose!"

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve Nativity

Every Christmas Eve our family puts on the Nativity. All the different parts of the Nativity are put into a bowl and then each person draws the part they are going to play that year. They are then given 10 minutes to dig through the house to put their costume together. Depending how many people we have with us on Christmas Eve, determines how many parts are added to the bowl. This year it was just our family so the only parts included were ... the Narrator, Mary, Joseph, a Shepherd, an angel, and a Wiseman. In past years every part was included as well animals. (One year Kassie was one of the sheep and Tavin was the coveted donkey.) This year Kim was the Narrator ... Kassie was the Angel ... Tom was a Wiseman ... Brittin was a Shepherd ... Tavin was Joseph ... and much to Belle's disappointment ... she was Mary. She was so upset about her part that when we were taking pictures of her doing her part ... she would turn her back to the camera. haha Even with some Nativity "drama" ... it is a fun tradition that we will continue even as our family grows bigger.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Break For Kassie

Once again, it was time for me to head back up to Rexburg to pick Kassie up for the Christmas break. When Tavin and I arrived, it was so cold! I had forgotten how cold Decembers can be when there's snow on the ground! Soon after arriving, Kandice, one of Kassie's roommates was having a birthday dinner at Olive Garden. All the parents that were there to pick up their kids were invited.

(Originally the trip was just going to be me helping kassie move her things back home ... but Tom surprised me and met me there with the girls. He booked some really fun rooms in a theme hotel in town. So sweet of him!) Anyone who has kids at school know the fun of moving things in ... only to move things out again in a few months. The surprising thing is how much more things they have collected in that short amount of time. I was busy mostly the entire time packing and hauling boxes. Thank goodness Tom was there!

When I walked into Kassie's apartment, everyone was already there. The night was fun visiting with everyone but it was an early night for me because the next day we were leaving to head to Utah.
One of the nights we all went down to Temple Square to take pictures of Missy's family for her Christmas cards. We took way more than expected but the kids were pretty good with standing still and smiling. And if I can say so ... the pictures turned out really good! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Polar Express

Every year since our kids were little, we read the Polar Express on Christmas Eve. This year we decided to make it come alive. We dress the kids all up in their PJ's ... and with their cousins ... we boarded the Polar Express. The kids loved it. We sang carols with the Elves, had our tickets punched by the conductor, drank hot chocolate, and arrived at the North Pole safe and sound. Santa and Mrs Claus came and talked to each of the kids and of course gave them their very own Christmas bell. Nana and Papa got the biggest cheers as they competed against other grandparents. Even Tavin got in the Christmas spirit and started dancing in the aisles. (Not to mention ... the Elves were thinking Tavin looked pretty good that night! Haha) Riding the Polar Express was the perfect way to usher in the Christmas Season!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Temple Square in November

Our nephew Carter was getting baptized so we used this as a chance to have a mini reunion. Mom and Dad were driving down from Canada so they made a detour and picked up Kassie from school. Our family, along with the Steingraber's, drove up to Utah and met up with everyone at Missy's house. That same week, Spencer had his wisdom teeth taken out so he "moved in" to Missy's house as well so he could have some company as he recovered. (He is living in Provo going to BYU.) It was a great break from the tasks of everyday life and so much fun to be all back together.

While we were there ... we couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to Temple Square. One of our favorite places to visit by far. We spent hours just walking around and taking pictures. If you can imagine having all the cousins together ... it was a little crazy at times but that is what family is all about. The craziness and the memories!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kassie's Place For the Next School Year

Well the day finally came. We moved Kassie into her new place. Setting up her room took way more time than I imagined. But I have to admit ... it was really fun making it her home away from home. She is definitely not suffering too much while she is there. Take a look at the pictures of her place. I didn't live so well when I was in university. :)

We met most of her roommates and they are all so cute. Totally the sweetest girls ever. Kassie will have so much fun with them. The first day we arrived, Kassie came back to the hotel with us to spend one last night with her family. The next day ... it was time for goodbyes. We all cried and hugged and it absolutely broke my heart to drive away and leave her there. Tom was surprised with how hard he struggled with it as well. You should have seen our van as we were driving down the freeway. All four of us were in tears. (Tavin had to stay at home because of a prior commitment.) After about two hours of crying ... I finally was feeling ok with everything when I reached in my bad and found five letters Kassie had written for each of us and snuck them in without me knowing. Oh boy! The tears started all over again. I couldn't even read my letter until I was home. (When Tavin read his letter the tears came hard.)

I am so glad our family is so close and we all love each other. We are definitely each others best friends. Having one away from us is hard ... but how great the "reunion" will be when we get to have everyone back home again. Thank goodness for eternal families.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Packing Kassie Up

Oh the time that all parents dread ... packing up one of your kids and sending them off to live on their own! I can't even explain the feeling of loss you feel when someone you love so much is leaving. You just hope they will be safe and watched over when you are not there to do it yourself.
After finally getting everything boxed up ... and wondering how we were ever going to fit everything in, to haul it up to Rexburg ... we had a moment to relax and of course ... take some pictures. Anyone who truly knows Kassie can tell how she is feeling by looking in her eyes in these photographs. She is so nervous to be taking this next step in her life but excited for the experience as well. She is just feeling so many emotions all turning around inside her.

Tomorrow we head to Idaho. We will miss her so much but we are so excited to see her grow and become even stronger and better than she already is. Thank goodness for cell phones!